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Imagine thousands upon thousands of hours of high-level, diverse, real world business growth experience, laser-focused on your business challenges and goals.

Direct-Response Copywriting

Unleash the full potential of your sales with a copy that doesn't just talk to your audience but speaks directly to their core desires and needs. From crafting eight-figure sales letters to creating high-converting landing pages, I specialize in writing that not only captures attention but converts it into action

Sales Strategy

With over two decades of experience shattering sales records, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your sales strategy. I offer bespoke consultation services that are designed to optimize your sales process and dramatically increase your conversion rates.

Social Media

Dive into the psyche of your audience with social media campaigns that resonate and engage. I don't just post; I provoke thought, stir emotion, and inspire action. Experience the power of social content that has the potential to go viral and the strategy to make sure it does.

Marketing & Brand

Your brand is more than a logo or a color scheme; it's a promise to your customers. I help you deliver on that promise with strategic brand positioning and marketing tactics that distinguish you from the competition and build a loyal customer base.

Affiliate Marketing

Leverage my expertise to unlock the full potential of affiliate marketing. From identifying the right partners to crafting campaigns that convert, I provide the insights and tactics you need to make your affiliate program a significant source of revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

I combine my understanding of human psychology with proven online marketing strategies to improve your website's conversion rate. Expect a meticulous approach that involves A/B testing, user experience improvements, and persuasive call-to-actions.

Advanced Sales

Equip your sales team with the skills and strategies that have placed me in the top 1% of salespeople across 13 different industries. I offer advanced training sessions that can transform any salesperson from average to exceptional.

High-Level Business
Growth Strategy

Imagine what thousands upon thousands of hours of high-level, high-growth, intense business growth experience, laser-focused on your business challenges and goals would do for you... then send me a quick note, we can talk, and let's see if it's copywriting or some other missing piece that would help you most.

AI and Blockchain Consultation

As a former CIO of an AI startup with a deep understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency, I offer cutting-edge consultation services to navigate the complexities of these technologies in your business strategies.

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