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One of today's only 8-figure copywriters

I’ve been doing direct-response marketing for 22 years. I’ve worked with Jay Abraham, (a HUGE name in the marketing world) editing his copy, as well as other big names.

I’m Drago, the architect behind the celebrated eight-figure sales letter that has become the gold standard in direct-response marketing. With a storied 22-year career that has seen collaborations with titans like Jay Abraham, my work is where unparalleled experience meets unmatched expertise.

My journey wasn’t woven from mere chance; it was forged through relentless pursuit, audacious goals, and being raised by 2 of Canada’s top salespeople. I’m not just a copywriter; I’m a top-tier salesman, a business strategist, and a trailblazer who learned the ropes by building a several companies from the ground up.

I bring to the table skills honed over thousands of hours of practice, study, and real-world application. My mantra is not just to work smarter, but harder, while applying cutting-edge strategies to ensure your offer and your brand doesn’t just stand out — it stands above.

My expertise stretches across industries, from affiliate marketing to blockchain, from AI to eCommerce. With hands-on experience in SEO, team training, and a knack for breaking sales records, I’m the comprehensivist that can navigate the intricacies of modern-day marketing like no other.

I’ve converted audiences with Facebook ads that outperform 99% of the competition on lead-generation, and I’ve masterminded campaigns that have garnered tens of thousands of organic interactions, and monetized them.

My diverse experience as a personal trainer, DJ, and martial arts instructor only adds to my dynamic approach to marketing and sales.

I’m a craftsman of strategies that not only reflect your brand’s image but elevate it to new heights. My work is a testament to the power of words and the results they can yield — when they’re wielded by someone who knows the art and the science of the sale.

Now, let’s write your success story.

Let’s create copy and campaigns that move mountains, break barriers, and usher in a new era for your business.

If you’re ready to see the difference between ordinary and extraordinary, book a call.

Because in the realm of sales and marketing, I don’t just play the game — I change it.

What Services I'm Providing

Imagine thousands upon thousands of hours of high-level, diverse, real world business growth experience, laser-focused on your business challenges and goals


Unleash the full potential of your sales with a copy that doesn't just talk to your audience but speaks directly to their core desires and needs. From crafting eight-figure sales letters to creating high-converting landing pages, I specialize in writing that not only captures attention but converts it into action.

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With over two decades of experience shattering sales records, I bring a wealth of knowledge to your sales strategy. I offer bespoke consultation services that are designed to optimize your sales process and dramatically increase your conversion rates.

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Dive into the psyche of your audience with social media campaigns that resonate and engage. I don't just post; I provoke thought, stir emotion, and inspire action. Experience the power of social content that has the potential to go viral and the strategy to make sure it does.

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About the Company

Work Experience

  • Top 1% Salesperson

    From my 20’s when I still work at City General Motors until my last employment at Doodle Video at my 40’s, I’ve successfully became a top salesperson in my workplaces.

  • CIO (Chief Information Officer)

    A digital movement to preserve the healthiness of pets in real world by using blockchain and NFT.

  • Personal Trainer

    Lost 100 pounds and trained hundreds to reach their health / fitness goals from. 1997 – 2002

  • Hobbyist

    A Lifelong Experience
    A lot of activities to have fun and could make our future generations be a better them.

  • Agency Owner

    2021 up to present
    We unleash your brand’s inner beast, scorching through competition with creative campaigns that roar and convert. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride to the top.

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Denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are beguiled and demoralized by the charms pleasure moment so blinded desire that they cannot foresee the pain and trouble.

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